I'm a fan of the North American band called Guns N' Roses and its members: Axl, Slash and Duff and I liked a lot the passage of Axl Rose in the British band AC / DC.
I like to collect all the material related to the band and realized that many shows were not recorded in its entirety, but recorded song by song by several people at the shows. I had the idea then, to keep the memory each show, to join the recordings of all music video / audio and form complete shows. I realized that many people who go to shows like to see the full show later in audio and video, either to watch, whether to save the memory.
I want to keep alive this collection to all those who wish to have such shows!
Unfortunately my Youtube channel was shot down by "copyright" of people who did not hold my channel growning up so quickly in such a short time. So I am offering this collection for download on other sites.

I do not make any money with this work, just the pleasure of listening to thank is my payment. 

If you have any suggestions or questions you can contact me.
I will have a great pleasure to answer it.